Scorpio horoscope for week of january 28 2020

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Services are for entertainment and guidance purposes only. Customer care: A tetchy cosmos means people are facing all manner of difficult situations, yet your perception tells you that letting go of what has caused problems and pain is a no-brainer. This is not just so that you can take a break from a lot of events, plans and people.

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It has more to do with releasing yourself from the intense emotional exchange that happens when you are around. You read, perceive and heal so much in others because you bring yourself fully into their presence.

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Just one small sentence from you gives them a vital injection of truth and insight that is so powerful. Yet, energetically there is a need for you to re-balance yourself in October. Meanwhile both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio add magnetism and magic to your life. The Scorpio New Moon on the 28th occurs opposite volatile Uranus so hey presto, you spark up again and things move in an astoundingly new direction.

Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 12222 – When Mercury is in retrograde ?

The best thing you can do is be aware of its meaning and know when it starts. Yes, getting new plans off the ground can be tough and projects can hit a standstill, but if you can't put things off until Mercury goes direct again, slow down. Pump the brakes and proceed with caution. You may not be able to prevent accidents and mistakes, but you can control how you respond to them.

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In the astrology world, Mercury retrograde is a great time to shift focus to redoing things from the past rather than new ventures. Do-overs get a green light, so it's a great time to revive old projects, reorganize your house and rekindle relationships. If an old issue pays you a return visit, open the door to what it's offering you the second or third!

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  8. This year sees three different retrogrades. Did it just get hot in here?

    Your Horoscope This Week

    Yep, they're all in fire signs. And if there's one lesson we can all take away from this year's temperamental Mercury retrogrades, it's not to force the issue. Wait to start anything new until you take some time to really think about things, and don't commit until you're percent sure about the plan. Get in touch with your intuition, and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Grow from the inside out.