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Due to high emotions which are rooted in past events that you can't change, you'll be feeling a great deal of frustration under these transits now. There could be general misunderstandings with others and this will force you to "go underground" where you find some solace in your own company. Disconcerting news from afar may cause you to feel exasperated by not being able to do anything practical for someone in need. You want to travel and find a haven away from everyone.

Samuel A. Mudd was the physician who set the leg of Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, and whose shame created the expression for ignominy: "His name is Mudd. Your current life is an extension of your past life karma.

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Get your personalised karma insight report here. You mustn't cut corners in arriving at a decision. Even though wading thr This is because you are associating with far more idealistic pe What goes around comes around. Delays could frustrate you today. You may face criticism, rivalry and opposition.

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Trust on others may prove costly; someone close such as relative, land lord or neighbor could play foul with you so sharing working plans with anyone is not advisable. Make sure that you have kept your valuables safely. You will remain in confusion and dilemma today and that could make you indecisive. You find it difficult to move ahead, works will get delayed. If you have many options before you, seek advice from your senior, or some expertise. Spend money wisely, over expenses may result in financial crisis. Keep your ears and eyes open, visualize your priorities.

You will win the situation with your intelligence. Your maturity level is high. Your management skills and experience will help projects run smoothly in spite of technical glitches. Your colleagues and subordinates would like to hear from you, and want your assistance. This is a great time to use your authority and powers for the benefit of others. Today is great day of bewilderment, and confusion. Your personal goals are not clearly visible, as you are losing confidence of self-knowledge.

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You must know what your goal is, what your creative process is directing for you. There is a wakeup call for students!!!


Focus in your studies to improve your performance in the exam. This day will be ideal to feel free and spend time with loved ones. An important discussion in regards to the family finances, ancestral property might take place. If you are away from the family this is the time when you may visit to your family.

Express your opinion in a direct manner and say what you feel. You feel more stable and mature today, financially as well as emotionally both. You take things as they are and turn them in your favor.

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You are more traditional in your way and believe in rules and conduct. Enjoy the assertiveness and confidence that this self-control and focus brings. Push ahead and do what you know is best. With this approach you may face delay but success is permanent.