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Before speaking with the astrologer, Convento had never heard of Taos — and she had no connections to New Mexico whatsoever. Intrigued, Convento booked an Airbnb on Siler Road for the following spring. She fell in love with Taos.

A school for scandal and eminence

Having interviewed eight locals, including Shari Ubechel of the Earth and Spirit Gallery and Nyna Matysiak of the OptiMysm metaphysical gift store, Convento plans to release two videos each week for the next month. Her web marketing consulting firm, MeetGeraldine, employs 15 and helps develop and retrofit websites for clients. Notably, the documentary was chosen to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Convento also manages her own personal YouTube channel with subscribers.

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For her project about Taos, however, Convento met her interview subjects through recommendations from shop owners with whom she visited. Some of these adventures, at local restaurants such as 5 Star Burgers and Caffe Tazza, were chronicled in her vlog.

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In Taos, she also learned how to use fortune-telling tarot cards and achieved a level-one certification in Reiki, a form of alternative medicine that originated in Japan. Log in Subscribe E-edition Wednesday, October 9, Log in Register Mytaosjobs.

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Thus it went on every year—G. But excellence eluded them like the Holy Grail. So, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley divided the kitty into small bundles and began funding all and sundry, and the mandarins began coining acronyms.

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By last year, they got tired of acronyms, dumped excellence, and began a hunt for eminence, semantically a nobler goal. They tasked Gopalaswami and Co to name 10 public and 10 private institutes which could achieve eminence. Gopalaswami says, Jio has been selected because the Ambanis have promised to do well in the college. By the same logic, would Jio be giving grades and degrees on the basis of what its students promise?

Gentlemen, the sacred mantra that ought to resonate in the groves of academe is: perform or perish.