No water element astrology

A dominance of Fire planets may have you leaping into projects, jobs, relationships without thinking too much about consequences. While this quality is great for taking initiative, it can also render unintended results later on.

Water Is Nature's Most Powerful Force

Ideally, there is a balance of earth, air, fire and water in an astrology chart. But because we are human, here to learn lessons in the school of life on planet earth, that is usually not the case. Almost always, we possess less of one element than the others; and sometimes, there is a complete absence, or lack, of an element. So what happens then? Too much of one ingredient, say pepper, makes your casserole inedible. Or too little sugar and your pie is bland, flavorless. Think of a mad scientist working feverishly in his lab foregoing food, sleep, and er, perhaps personal hygiene, while in hot pursuit of his ideas.

It presents as an itch that must be scratched relentlessly. This stems from denial or repression that there is even an issue his body to deal with. The missing element in our astrological chart is one of the biggest clues to our behavior; knowing this is equally important as understanding a dominance of planets in a particular element. Reluctance to the point of lethargy or withdrawal from the world.

What’s Your Element? (According to Astrology)

Unwillingness to follow through and act on any decision. Continually jumping into circumstances without asking questions or having a thorough understanding of a situation or relationship. Impractical, ungrounded or unrealistic conclusions and actions. Reluctance to find a job, save money, take care of their body and material assets ie, hoarding, overeating, etc.

Working three plus jobs to manifest ideas and dreams; the miser; scrimping on tiny expenses for fear of never having enough; focusing intensely on one or two parts of the body, or material assets someone who owns four or more homes, personal collections, etc. Unemotional and indifferent to the needs of others.

Uncaring, insensitive and refusal to emotionally relate to people, regardless of connection spouse, child, family, co-worker, friend. The over-giver. Inability to detach and be objective about a topic, problem, finding a solution, or relationship. Overly wound mentally.

Hyper knowledgeable about one or two very specific fields or areas of expertise. Over-educated with several degrees.

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To learn more about your astrological chart or astrology in general, book a session with me at www. It will take some time to get to know them well, for they reveal themselves slowly. They realize their intense emotions hold tremendous power, and they tend to handle their feelings carefully.

When they fall in love, water signs love with their whole hearts and all their devotion. Their sensitivity makes them highly romantic, even sentimental. Often psychic, water signs read your true intentions simply by reading your gestures and body language and will trust actions more than words Pisces, particularly, has elevated this talent to high art. Water cleanses us and sustains life on earth. Water is the universal solvent, breaking substances down—dissolving them—and taking on their qualities.

Therefore, when you share a problem with a water sign, they take on your problem as if it were their own.

Astrology & The Elements

Because they give of themselves so readily, water signs need regular time alone to regain their center. This element rules the soul.

Water does not like to be confined and they will assert their strong need for freedom, no matter how gently it is expressed unlike fire signs. This is a highly imaginative group and very creative.

The Water Element -- Too Much or Too Little?

Their observations on the human condition often inspire masterpieces of painting, music, photography, literature, or dance. Working in studios or small self-employed businesses usually connected to the creative arts appeals to water signs. Their right-on-target-intuition makes them succeed in financial areas too.

Fortune recently reported more self-made millionaires are Pisces than any other sign. Astrologically, we know Scorpios and Cancers are no financial slouches either!

Astrology/Natal Chart-Water Dominant

Water signs specialize in private relationships, but their focus differs from sign to sign. Cancer expresses their water element in the nurturing, preservation and protection of the family, which is the smallest unit upon which society is built, and yet the most important.

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Sharing love with spouse and children is of paramount importance to Cancer and they take the role of provider very seriously. Social scientists tell us most people would sooner speak about sex than money—both, very private matters! Symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes, Scorpio governs the 8th house, representing birth, death and regeneration. Their mysterious nature inhibits them from giving away information to the other side.