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Tarot contains mystical secrets of the universe in esoteric symbology. It is a profound method of discovering your inner depths of the psyche, subconscious and unconscious motivations which can open up new dimensions into the inquiring mind. By using the Tarot, one can see past, present and what wants to show up from a higher level, soul evolutionary standpoint. The geography of the hand reveals the mysteries within. Palmistry is a way to see one's traits, talents and disposition. It offers insights into a person's mental and physical health.

The study of Dermatoglyphics is an ancient practice used to uncover medical issues as early as Aristotle. The top of the hand reveals health in the nails. It also reveals potential children, marriage, and major timeline events. The hand does change every six months, so with consciousness shifting, dietary changes, so too will the lines.

In the Bible it states, "He seals up the hand of every man, that all men may know his work. As an empathic clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor, Darleen Christopher is clearly focused on the mind, body, and spiritual connection. She is recognized as a talented practitioner of many psychic arts, including Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and she appears in the Directory of Northwest Intuitve Arts Practitioners, an honorary acknowledgment received only by nomination of authenticity.

She has earned a reputation for delivering amazingly accurate insight, and as a practitioner of energy healing, she is sensitive to chakras and how they correspond to emotional wounds from the past. Darleen can accurately depict people in your life, their perspective, circumstances, and opportunities for transformation. Compassionate, honest, ethical, with a gift of tact, her delivery is always soft, innocuous, non-judgmental, yet powerfully exhilarating! As an ordained minister, Darleen Christopher has studied esoteric knowledge since childhood and she advocates peace, joy, love, and free will.

By prayer, meditation, and channeling through white light, she empathetically conceptualizes the dynamics between relationships and people. She clairvoyantly sees people in your life, both alive and those who have passed on. As a clairaudient, she hears names of close associations, sees auras, and connects to reveal the archetypes that are journeying with you on your path. If you have difficulties in forgiveness, letting go of or wanting to heal unhealthy relationships give her a call.

Here are few of the ways in which he inhabits the sun sign of his birth:.

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I recently tried to post an article I wrote about relationship indicators in the birth chart. For some reason I was unable to do so, but let's see if this works. The graphic I'm including shows the seventh house of somebody I used to know well. The seventh house pertains to one-to-one relationships, traditionally marriage. On the Descendant, the cusp of said house, is Saturn. This is not an indicator of great relationship luck.

At best, it can show that love improves in middl The man in question got married in his mid-twenties. By the time he turned 30 he was already divorced. After an interim period during which he had a couple of long term girlfriends, he got remarried at age He entered into this second union rather hastily. In areas of life affected by Saturn the best thing to do is proceed gradually and with patience. Failure to do so does not end well.

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Sure enough, that marriage did not last. Instead of taking time off for reflection and emotional healing, he struck up an impulsive relationship with an underage high school student when he was in his late forties. Instead of coming to his senses after throwing caution to the wind, he told anybody who would listen that the girl was his soulmate and future life partner.

If anybody dared to question the wisdom of this folly, the friendship was terminated immediately. Having Aries on the descendant probably has something to do with his strong-headedness.

Interestingly, both wives were Capricorns, as was a long-term girlfriend he had in the late nineties and early oughts. The one after her was an Aquarius. The last one is a Capricorn.

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Saturn rules Capricorn in both modern and traditional astrology. It also rules Aquarius traditionally.

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For those who have missed my astrology postings on this Facebook page, I have tried several time to post such writings but without success. They changed something that has made what used to be a simple operation suddenly baffling. I wish I knew what gives. I spend most days occupying my corner at Gargoyles Statuary doing readings, but also answering questions posed by curious passersby. Below are some of them, along with brief versions of my answers. First question:. Do I ever deliberately do bad readings to see if I can get away with it always asked with a conspiratorial smile?

My study of both disciplines began 36 years ago in the summer of when I was living in San Francisco. Being a full time reader has been my main gig since , when I first approached Gargoyles after their previous reader suddenly left. Being a Gemini, he constantly dominates the news. Being Sagittarius moon, he exaggerates and is blunt in the extreme. His strongest elements are Fire and Far less well known is the something club. This distinguished group includes a line of prodigy composers born between and , all Aquarians.

To this I add two 20th Century musicians born under the sign of the water bearer, the English cellist Jacqueline He has both his Sun and his ascendant in Sagittarius. I first met Tony when we both worked at a number psychic line in San Francisco. Right off the bat he was approachable, friendly and easy to talk to.

We both got off on the oddba The frenzy over the eclipse of August 21st already seems like old news. Instead, I found a tranquil hillside with a good view in Woodland Park here in Seattle where one could view 92 percent coverage of the sun by the moon. I was fortunate to have a pair of the special glasses. Watching it was pretty mesmerizing, I have to say.

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How can one know where and when to look for them? Still, I can point out a few salient features of this latest solar eclipse. This means that its effects will be felt here far more than anywhere else. Look for which planet crosses this degree closest in time to August 21st, either before or after. Tomorrow night September 2nd both Mars and Mercury conjoin in that very degree, Mars going direct and Mercury going retrograde. Mars is a malefic planet signifying aggression, accidents and conflict.

Mercury has to do with communication, media, transportation and trade. Putting those two together in the eclipse degree could bring about collisions on railways, in the air or on the roads. A few examples:. While the Tropical system uses 4 elements, the Chinese uses 5. It is also more complex than it first appears, just as Western Tropical Astrology is. It utilizes the principle of the four pillars, which hold different insights for the year, month, day, and hour of your birth.

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The interpretations of the planets, signs, and houses also have many differences, and even the charts are drawn differently -- while Western astrology typically uses a wheel to represent a chart, the Vedic system uses a square. It is based not on the signs the section of sky known as Aries or Taurus, etc.

The signs and constellations are not the same thing.

While Tropical astrology begins measuring the signs according to the moment of the Vernal Equinox, Sidereal astrology begins measuring the signs according to the location of the constellations. The constellations themselves are of varying sizes and don't take up equal sections of the sky like the signs do. Due to irregularities in the Earth's orbit, the constellations don't necessarily line up with the signs of the same name as they once did.

Therefore, one could argue that Aries starts where the constellation does Sidereal or when the Vernal Equinox takes place Tropical. Empty Houses.


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