Astrology december 5 capricorn or capricorn

Still, it might be good for you if you cut your reliance on partners.

Sabian Symbol

The correct way for you to go at the moment is towards ethical actions and high standards. Be graceful if others offend you and be charitable if you see that they are in need of your help. You may be annoyed and irritated with them, but you still need to do your best. However much you would like to be the centre of attention, if you are a typical Cancerian you will find it very difficult to be truly selfish this week. If at all possible, please do put extra energy into all professional aspirations.

The time is coming for a change of job, or at least extra responsibilities. The Moon is playing a fresh role in your relationships, stirring up your deepest needs, feelings and desires.

Capricorn Personality: December 22 - January 19

What you have to do now is recognise that partners have rights, too. Nobody understands better than you that sometimes, like now, it is prudent to walk away from upsetting situations.

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You should also observe the old adage that it is best to be magnanimous in victory. Quite aside from the difficulties posed by planets influencing both domestic and professional sectors of your chart, others, influencing travel and adventure, are utterly favourable. Surprisingly, emotional complications may put you on the right track.

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  • As Venus moves from one set of relationships to another, a number of points may be cleared up. For a start, older friends are the best, especially where money is concerned. Knowing this ahead of time, you can plan to avoid provocative people and topics.