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On Monday, Venus will be in Sagittarius, your house of community, helping you tap into resources available through your career. During Capricorn season, you flourish while spending time alone and getting your mental facilities operating at optimal productivity. On Sunday morning, you are clued into the things you need to improve your brain space as messenger Mercury meets planet of boundaries, Saturn, helping you meditate. During this time, people in power find you more attractive, so use this to your advantage during interviews.

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This year, be careful when it comes to shirking responsibilities via escapism—it could lead to dangerous situations. This is because of a series of challenges between your planetary ruler, Jupiter, and Neptune, planet of fantasy. You will feel pressured to overdo it by people who have authority over you. Keep your substance use in check—be safe and healthy!

Challenges from your boss or whoever has authority over you come Tuesday morning as messenger Mercury squares off with warrior Mars. Someone higher up is going to pick on you and start complaining—you will have no choice but to stand up for yourself and prove that you did things the right way.

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Expect more responsibilities to answer to this Sunday as Mercury meets taskmaster Saturn, making requests that you come into your power and take on a position of authority yourself. Your planetary ruler, attractive Venus, is now in your intimate and psychic house of shared resources.

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As Venus spends its time in Sagittarius, expect your partnerships to transform as you grow deeper in your mutual trust. This transit also has implications for money, like people paying you back, or receiving an unexpected inheritance. This weekend, it will be easy for you to be too hard on yourself about your ambitions as the sun meets Pluto, planet of obsession. Use this energy to think critically about how to support your long-term vision.

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Capricorn season, the new year, time for you to transform and turn your life around Your love life gets a spark this week as Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday morning, beginning a period of romantic attraction, drawing warmth to your current partnerships, and boosting your ability to attract your intellectual twin flame. This Sunday brings challenging news when Mercury meets planet of hard work, Saturn.

If you need help, ask for help: You will get it. After a long period of dates and parties, love and money planet Venus enters your house of work and lifestyle Monday morning, making it pleasurable to snap back into your daily routine—a post-holiday godsend. A lot is happening with your relationships during Capricorn season. This rubs you the wrong way, leading you to assert yourself and implement change as communication planet Mercury squares off with warrior Mars.

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This weekend, your understanding of a partner deepens as the sun meets planet of obsession, Pluto, enabling you to bond more intensely. On Sunday, you express your commitment to another as Mercury meets planet of responsibility, Saturn. As you are busier than ever with work and appointment during Capricorn season, love and money planet Venus enters Sagittarius to spice up your love life, encouraging you to go out and have some fun.

If you can work around their short temper, there is potential for interesting and innovative collaborations.

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After doing your research and taking inventory of your romantic values for the past month, love and money planet Venus finally changes signs on Monday, pushing you to take initiative and go get what you want, inspired by the well of confidence and warmth that comes from your deepest memories of fondness and attraction. This Monday ends a long cycle of worrying about your bank account, as your planetary ruler, Venus, finally leaves your house of personal resources.

With Venus in Sagittarius, your values realign: Catching up on emails and neighborhood errands becomes of increased importance. On Tuesday, messenger Mercury squares off with warrior Mars, causing prompt action to be taken about whatever roommate complaints you have, so sound off. A wave of nostalgia hits this Friday as the sun meets planet of secrets, Pluto, revealing family secrets and allowing you to dive deep into your childhood memories. Avoid negative self-talk near Sunday as communication planet meets planet of discipline, Saturn.

And illusory Neptune certainly pulls him off balance this year. The ongoing tension from the planet of delusion and idealization means we need to work extra hard to fact-check our hopes and dreams. With eclipse season in full roar and this cardinal square between the planet of communication Mercury and the planet of action Mars aggressive vibes abound. Witness the chaos without becoming chaotic.

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